Womens brown leather fossil watch. Great shape, just needs new battery. Like new.
Endearing and curious, this black and white cutie adores people and other cats. Ale has a huge personality and will provide hours of entertainment and cuddles. With large copper eyes, Ale is always looking for a toy to claim and birds to watch. She enjoys being held and is always up for a great petting session. Ale says: My favorite activity is sprinting across the room and crashing into the ne...
This is 1 petite critter with a lively personality. Estelle, the blue-eyed beauty, is quite active and intelligent. This speedy critter likes to play rough and show off her athletic skills, but also won't hesitate to jump into your lap for cuddles. Estelle adores people, but she would rather not share her space with other furry faces. Estelle says: From purring to playing, I put my all into eve...
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